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CScript.exe opens automatically

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    When I switched on my laptop yesterday, a window opened automatically with a name :
    "C:\Windows\system32\Cscript.exe". It now happens every time I restart my laptop. Is this because of some computer virus or should I just ignore it ? (My laptop is 5 years old and runs on Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit)
    Here is a picture:

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    CScript runs .vbs files, which are Windows script files. That probably means there is some script executing when you startup your pc. I'd recommend looking at msconfig to see what script it is, because it could be a virus (unlikely if you have an antivirus installed though).
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    I can see 'MTS MBlaze' Logo in your screenshot.....

    I too encountered this problem, I isolated the problem to the startup service 'CheckNDISPort' which was related to the MTS MBlaze program on my computer. It's not a virus, nothing to worry about. You can stop this from occurring by unchecking the startup service called 'CheckNDISPort' in the startup tab in the System Configuration Utility. It doesn't harm your computer if you keep it checked.

    To go for Startup Services:

    Start->Run->type 'msconfig'->OK - The "System Configuration" Window pops up, go for 'Startup' tab & uncheck 'CheckNDISPort' or whichever services/programs that you may want to stop from starting as soon as you switch on your computer.

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