CSTR vs. BSTR system open or closed

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    I was wondering, is it the case that a CSTR is an open system because there is flow passing in and out of the tank, thus passing the control volume, so it's open.

    Similarly for a BSTR, the fact that there is no flow means that it is closed? I mean in that sense, a beaker with a chemical reaction going inside of it is a BSTR right? Isn't that open to the environment, so why is it not considered an open system?

    Is the way that closed/open system is used for the tank reactors the same meaning as for the usual meaning of a closed or open system (i.e. nothing interacts with the system from the environment?)
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  3. A closed system is one in which no mass enters or leaves.
    An open system is one in which mass enters and/or leaves.
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