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Cubist Art and the Monte Carlo Effect

  1. Mar 31, 2004 #1
    This idea of dimension seemed an appropriate response to what I see in the Monte Carlo effect. I mean here we are trying to descibe what dimenison might mean in terms of a gravity issue.

    Brane world scenarios.

    Are we not also trying give dimension a boost here in what we understand of the predessesors of Gr, to know that gravity has now become a central issue, to how the world must be described?

    So here are two methods here that show such a insurgence into trying to comprehend what this gravity is doing.

    Here is a http://wc0.worldcrossing.com/WebX?14@92.5yScbPcEOy9.20@.1ddeda81/5 [Broken]."

    Any comments appreciated.
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    Hi Sol !

    Another great link, amazing!

    And I thought I was the only one who found links of Piccasso and Einstein, space and time.

    If you still remeber me from SST..here:http://groups.msn.com/Youcanseehomefromhere [Broken]

    Sol I have been to your site, but to few times recently, I get the forum message sometimes?

    Back to your link, I am going to delve right into Miller?..aint ever heard of him, but his books are going to be my next purchase!

    Do you remember my 'Photon-Image'?..Sol, here is something amazing, full of interesting Einstein ditties as only he knows how?

    What is One of Einsteins most overlooked book? ;)

    You know me so well from SST , all I have to do is tell you go seek out all of his books, one of them is VERY..VERY..FUTURISTIC!

    One little clue for you, I know you will guess it, :Its in The Title?

    Great posting again Sol.
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    Well Thank you Ranyart and yes I know who you are:)

    M Theory Visionist is the "latest," and it does not have any fowarding messages like Msn( which I don't use other then to reference) or like Physics forum does. You can get to that M Theory Visionist by clicking on my profile and by clicking on the link called the same.

    As to your hints, you always had a different way of looking at things, and you have fuelled the Taoist movement for me, of the vacuum, as a cyclical nature of the black hole and called it dynamical. I think I know what you mean:)

    I am having a difficult time http://wc0.worldcrossing.com/WebX?14@215.HqdkbqR9P5b.13@.1ddf28fd [Broken] . Maybe one more hint?
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    Sol, lets get the show on the road :smile:

    Question one? Why are Quarks (Three) Stable within three-dimensional space-time?

    Question Two? If there were a 5-Dimensional space time what would be the Stable configuration of Energies? (hint-no more QUARKS?..but particles that have more than three base componants!)

    Question three? How many Dimensions above 3-D are there actually in the Universe?..well I'll leave you to think on this a little first, but you should get the picture!
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  6. Apr 5, 2004 #5


    Figure 4. Quanta—such as the electrons of a hydrogen atom—have a discrete set of states (each with a definite size, shape and structure) that lead to the regularities of chemistry, the complexity of biology and indeed everything that happens on the microscopic scale. But quantum physics had a profound role in determining the behavior of the entire universe on the largest scales as well. Quantum fluctuations early in the history of the universe produced the anisotropy of the cosmic background radiation and ultimately determined where galaxies would appear and how big they would be. Here computer-generated images based on Schrödinger's equation for hydrogen show what its electrons would "look" like in various excited states if one could see them. The intensities of the colors represent the probability distributions of the electron's location, whereas the different colors denote different quantum-mechanical phases.
    Images courtesy of Craig J. Hogan.


    You know my thinking on orbitals and the isometical relationship to the cosmo? The hydrogen atom is one of those comparisons, about the universe and the atom?

    I am focusing on the questions. So give me TIME:)

    Based on such arguments, it has been argued, especially by Gerard 't Hooft of the University of Utrecht and Leonard Susskind of Stanford University, that physics must obey a "holographic principle"—the entire state of things in any three-dimensional volume can be specified by a finite quantity of information less than one-quarter of the area of a two-dimensional bounding surface (one that covers the three-dimensional volume). They conjecture that the world is like a hologram. In a conventional optical hologram an interference pattern generated by two laser beams is recorded on a two-dimensional piece of film. When the developed film is illuminated with another laser beam, the recorded information is reconstructed, projecting a three-dimensional image of the original object. 't Hooft and Susskind suggest that the universe seems to be three-dimensional to us, but at a deeper level it is "really" just happening on a two-dimensional projective surface (Figure 8). But there's more. The surface is not even continuous, but grainy—the hologram is made of discrete pieces like a mosaic. So there is vastly less information than one would have guessed from quantum mechanics and gravity considered separately.


    Of course by asking such questions you know it might take a while?:)
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  7. Apr 23, 2004 #6
    Sol2 wrote a link and it's curious the depiction of Egyptian iconography. It's good to remember that ancient visions of "gods" were similar all over the world. Egyptians particularly gave attention to the profile because of the NOSE of the ones depicted in the DARK TEMPLES. They shouldn't represent the painting as seen in front cos the nose had to be well depicted otherwise the being wouldn't enter into the parallel dimension, the dwelling of the "ka" and "ba". The statues were the 3D representations of what was actually seen by the high priests. The paintings BECAME ALIVE as watching Walt Disney animated movie under the influence of hallucinogenic stuff like blue lilly, opium (imported from Crete) and cocaine and nicotine (the orthodox are unwilling to accept the procedence from the Andes cos they already grab to the idea Egyptians were smart to build pyramids but their ships made of reed couldn't travel to America or Australia...as it's been discovered lately). This is not gonna be accepted or even understood only through math which is a fragment of the "truth". Perhaps anthroplogogists and biologists can give you a better aproach until you get stone with mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote, San Pedro and so on....
  8. Apr 23, 2004 #7
    Sorry the fast writing and wrong spelling of "anthropologists". In the film MATRIX, what was illusion was filmed in fantastic green while the reality was dull and blue. In fact old civilizations learned the opposite. This thing that you call daily activity or "reality" is a pale shadow of the hyperdimension. If you don't wanna believe cos you are not aware of your brain and have this Bruce Wayne rutine and amnesy of your oniric "subjectivity" (so objective than you can cry, shout, have pleasure and even sometimes it takes some seconds to know if you're awake or asleep) that I advice to practice something. Start to relax and slowly breath at night and give a mind order to your brain ("I shall remember my dreams and I will wake up to write down or draw everything immediatly after") and set your paper and pen on the table near your bed. Then start to count from 100 to 0 (you're not gonna do it properly, you're gonna confuse the numbers cos you are tired and wanna sleep and are not used to). After some nights you will see and hear and remember and won't be the same automat robot you have been in the last...how old are you?
    I tell you, not even the psycho "experts" have done this or know themselves but it's so easy to talk about physic and metaphysic ignoring who are you! Keep on practicing and your visions will overshadow your teenager experiences with hallucinogenic stuff. You'll see the difference between dreams and "dreams" and will understand Shakespeare a little bit better than usual writers and readers.... and of course, you'll understand what do ancient people thought about the universe and the hyperdimensional gods.
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    I would have given it a more historical take on the developement from the following perspective, and the link supplied will encourage a further look at the roads to developement that has taken place.

    http://scholar.uwinnipeg.ca/courses/38/4500.6-001/cosmology/3-D_Cartesian_axes.gif [Broken]

    In the Middle Ages religious art was distinctive for its deliberate lack of perspective. These pictures were full of flat people and flat surroundings. This art reflected the church's view that God was omnipotent and could therefore see all parts of our world equally. There was no need for perspective in God's view of things. Hence according to the church art had to reflect God's point of view. All paintings had to be two dimensional.

    http://scholar.uwinnipeg.ca/courses/38/4500.6-001/cosmology/bayeux91.jpg [Broken]
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    Sol2: How would you draw our human existence if you apply the current knowledge we imagine about hyperdimensions? I really try to imagine myself the drawing but I imagine myself as FRAME program or photograph in celuloid film. Although in a film the photography is flat, the shadow and light effects gives you the impression they are 3D and are copy of ourselves. If I push the idea to 3D rather than 2D, I would try to describe like a 3D holographic FILM and mankind history is just one out of many "tapes" (not CDs). The kabalah and alleguedly Bible Code was understood better because the SCROLLS or PERGAMINE MANUSCRIPTS to read the criptographic written code like jigsaw puzzle in many directions, from the top to the bottom, from left to right, from right to left, diagonal and so on. Egyptians also used flat papires. As seen from satellite perspective human beings would be like flat virus or bacteries. Cities could be seen as the interior of the computers. It's difficult to imagine the many changes we can do to the original idea. Thanks for your post, very interesting.
    There was a nice image in the Japanese original version of the film "The Call", it was something indefined like human-ants as seen from far distance but forming together like an scripture. You can read the last part of Garcia Marquez's Hundred Years of Lonelyness to understand better. It's just wonderful and written many years before the Bible Code cos that Colombian author is an intelligent Freemason knowing many things.
  11. Apr 23, 2004 #10
    We know it is difficult from a supersymmetrical state for the human brain to exist :smile: , yet we are constructing the theory of everything from some perspectives theoretically? A keen eye I would say:)

    So lets find a starting point, point line plane, and how has such ideas follow this train of thought and moved it to a higher definition?

    They had to be consistant:) They had to be whole:) So Pi seems a interesting idea as a backdrop to what existed in the beginning and where did this point come from, and what can it contain.

    I have written about these ideas here. There is a need for geometrical consistancy and Klein's ordering of geometries takes us on a nice journey, as has been shown from this historical standpoint of dimensional significance.

    Brane world and the second revolution of strings becomes a interesting backdrop to what was realize in Reinmann's contribution to a spherical world and a dynamical one. Parllel lines just seemed very different on this sphere.

    Gravity takes on a whole new defintion here in the world of the very small:)


    Baez had some words of caution, but you might see the significance?
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  12. Apr 23, 2004 #11
    Sol2: Excuse me if I don't follow you, try to explain me the things in easier way. You seem to like the technique of using "riddles". Fibonacci leads me to endless spirals, and Pi known by Mayas and Egyptians before "Greek" invention is now known as having 2000 decimal positions...so far. Something they wouldn't know (we guess). My vision is that if you put all galaxies together like a spider web or bubbles, they are gonna spin like cosmic DNA. Everything is like those Russian dolls or Maya temples, one thing inside the other, inside the other, inside the other, inside the other, inside the other ad infinitum.
  13. Apr 23, 2004 #12
    The spaces in between a lot of this information requires a deeper perspective sometimes. On the surface, the riddle(?) must remain consistant, and what you do not see of these connection, still exists, but you are not aware of them. Information changes this.

    Tomorrow if you looked at Euclid's postulate you would realize immediately the historical significance of what I am saying. Come back and read this same paragraph and it will not be the same one you read before. A little different:)

    As far as I understand this, we are pointed to rotation by GR. Without it, there is no possibility of time travel?

    Reductionism has run it's course? What about Higgs?

    When we reach a certain limitation of planck length and planck time, we have run out of room:) So what Has happened?

    With new paradigms to handle the walls we have run into, we now see very thing as energy contained in a string?

    What geometrical consistancy allows us to say such a thought leading from the euclidean perspective can engage the second string revolution and now call it branes? Reinmann did it by shifting our focus to a dynamcial world and so did Einstein. The brane perspective is embedded in these thoughts Einsteins? Grossman was most helpful to him.

    http://superstringtheory.com/forum/geomboard/messages3/164.html [Broken]
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