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Engineering Cultivating a passion for Chemical Engineering?

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    Well I just finished my Chem Final for the semester, and regardless of my performance, the past week I've been studying everything from the foundational concepts to broader theories.

    At the end of it all, I feel that I have a much better grasp on chemistry, which does not seem as hard as people perceive it to be- maybe because how theoretical it is?

    At my University, I came in planning to declare Mechanical Engineering - solely because I have a sweet tooth for the mechanical precision of engines and it's a well paid career.

    Now with my new fondness for Chemistry, I'm wondering maybe it's something I could enjoy more than mechE, but I wouldn't know unless I really delve into the field.

    As of now I've been building this little model replica of a V8 engine to cultivate my knack for mechanical stuffs.
    How can I do the same with Chemistry? I'm thinking of just picking up random chemistry experiments with some household chemicals-.
    What simple, yet foundational activities can I do to further explore Chemistry?
    -On a mental note:
    I personally feel that it is not "destiny" or our unique "personalities" that inherently dictate our choice of majors. Thus, I think that is very possible to cultivate a desire, implant a dream, and just pursue it in the same way the next person says "I've always loved chemistry"
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    yeah we didn't do any of that in school, brewing beer might be the closest as it's a chemical process. ChE is a lot different than other disciplines, but you do take the same math, and dynamics, etc.

    if you do really like chemistry you might be interested in it. and should check out some of the class topics on wikipedia.
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