What is Passion: Definition and 49 Discussions

The Passion Play or Easter pageant is a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering and death. It is a traditional part of Lent in several Christian denominations, particularly in Catholic tradition.
Passion Plays have had a long and complex history involving faith and devotion, civic pageantry, antisemitism, religious and political censorship, large-scale revival and historical re-enactments.

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  1. D

    Electrical engineer with a great passion for physics

    I am an electrical engineer with a great passion for physics, and I live in Ottawa.
  2. Mr Ib

    How Does Electromagnetics Behavior Inspire a Malaysian Post-Graduate Student?

    Post-Graduate Student from Malaysia with a Passion for Electromagnetics behavior.
  3. PhysicsInterest

    Uncovering Your Passion for Chemistry: What Drives You?

    So it’s not so much a question solely based around chemistry as a subject it’s more about you. The individual reading this. I want to know why you have such a great interest for chemistry. Is it just something you find fun?, is it the deeper understanding of the universe you enjoy?, is it the...
  4. E

    Other Passion for Physics and Education: PhD Options

    Hello. I am a Physicist with MSc in Experimental Particle Physics and for the last 3 years I work in the field of Science Education as a teacher trainer, and developer of inquiry based, ICT enhanced educational content in the field of Physics for K12 students in the RnD department of a school in...
  5. Amira bn

    What Makes Physics Such an Enduring Passion for Many Scientists?

    Since childhood I always wanted to be a physicist, i'm 22 and i do geology .. althoug i still daydream about being a physicist .. I regret not studying physics at college but now it is too late to regret it. I don't understand why i can't stop thinking about that passion.
  6. Posty McPostface

    How are some intelligent people so productive?

    In other words, is there some correlation between high intelligence and productivity? Is it related to creativity? I don't think I need to go into examples of famous people like Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Von Neumann, Gauss, Goethe, Aristotle/Plato, and the list goes on. One unifying theme that is...
  7. Zenkstorm

    Studying Should I Consider Studying Physics Abroad for Better Opportunities?

    I am passionate about physics ,but if I choose physics as a major I may not have any career as my country is a developing one and physics studying here is also bad -- professors and curriculums aren't satisfiable -- and somehow boring . The other choice is to study medicine -- though I don't...
  8. CynicusRex

    Which actions can reinvigorate blunted passion?

    Therefore this thread, to see if there any ideas that didn't cross my mind yet.
  9. Anithadhruvbud

    Can I narrow down my interests and find my true passion as a philomath?

    I seem to be good at many things and I am interested in many things.How do I discard few options in my interest list and find one thing that perfectly suits me when all the interests seem to be equally enjoyable for me? I know it's an hypothetical question.Let me see who gathers enough courage...
  10. H

    Drop In Passion During Critical Time

    Hello there, So I'm 23 years old, been passionately studying physics for some time now. Oh it's been fun and fascinating, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I could apply for my B.S. in physics any day now. I've always been great at physics. My conceptual understandings, my neat and unique...
  11. S

    Passion vs Money: Career Decision for Freshman College Student

    Hi, I am currently a freshman in college and I'm trying to decide on what career path I should follow. Ever since I was little I loved astronomy, from watching shows about it on the science channel, reading books about it, and sitting outside just stargazing. But now I'm faced with a decision...
  12. C

    Engineering Engineer whose true passion is physics

    Hi All, Recently I graduated with a BSc in mechanical engineering. I excelled greatly in studying engineering, and finished at the top of my class. I'm 27 and didn't start my degree until I was 23. I didn't graduate high school at 18 (I dropped out after never having applied myself in junior...
  13. P

    Is it Worth Sacrificing Passion for a High-Paying Career?

    TL;DR Go for Physics (which I'm not sure if I'm really passionate about it but can't think of any alternatives) or go do something that can earn big bucks.First things first, I'm halfway through my A levels (equivalent of IB) and university application is coming up real soon. I'm privileged...
  14. A

    Engineering Is passion for classical physics enough to engineer?

    Let's say one has a passion for classical physics - he/she wants to learn all there is to learn about classical physics. Given that she/he has the intelligence and work ethic, does a passion for classical physics an indication enough that she/he should pursue engineering? Or could one love...
  15. B

    I thought I lost my passion for physics

    So, I was in my Mechanics 1 course and I was learning about the basic elements of gravitation as it is relates to tides and flux through various elements. I was bored to tears, the professor just wrote on the board, the class copied robotically, and I felt like my passion for science was...
  16. H

    Follow your Passion, but be smart about it.

    About 2 years ago I first posted on this forum. I sought career advice about following a passion of mine, physics. I was pretty starry-eyed at the time, with just a brazen curiosity and some intuition to guide my self directed studies. At the time I was working in marketing / restaurants /...
  17. G

    Unleashing My Passion for Engineering: Tips & Inspiration | Grundlew1zard

    Hey everyone! I'm currently going through the process of apply to universities, and I am looking to demonstrate my passion for engineering. I'm struggling slightly to explain why; I've tried asking myself the straight forward question - 'Why am I interested', but I feel the question is just...
  18. P

    Torn Between Money and Passion 12th Grade Year

    Im a senior, I took AP Chemistry last year, and I am in AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Physics. I excel at chemistry (on the high school level) and I have always had a passion for it, specially organic chemistry, but now that I am in Calculus and Physics, I have reallllyyyy come to love them...
  19. T

    What Are Your Other Passions Besides Science and Mathematics?

    I for exemple am also a Manga otaku(japanese equivalent of geek) and also a fan Marvel comics,and I like certain kinds of music in some way...but Science and mathematics are still way up there ( number one in the list)...what about you what do you delight in doing?
  20. W

    I feel like my passion for science is gone. IDK how to get it back.

    I just feel like I needed someone to listen to me for a second. It's a long, story-of-my-life post. I might delete it later because it's embarrassing. I got into some top 10 brand name schools for graduate school. One of them was my dream school. I came from a small department with litte...
  21. M

    Passion vs Money: Deciding My University Admissions Preferences

    I will be very soon filling my university admissions preferences. I can't really make a decision because I have to consider many things, for example, job availability for the degree I choose, etc. My passion is to work in scientific research, be it in computer research, energy research, defense...
  22. A

    Passion for aviation, where to start? A high school student

    Hello everyone, I'm a high school 10th grader from Thailand studying at a rigorous private boarding school in the US. I have a passion for aviation and aeroplanes, and my dream is to be an aerospace engineer. The problem is though, I do not know where to start. Seeing my friends at school...
  23. W

    Choosing a Major: Strength or Passion?

    Im on the verge of choosing my major and i have a quick question for everyone. Do you necessarily think that with passion comes strength in a certain field? I am positive that being good at something does not breed a passion for it, but what about vice versa? I recently discovered my...
  24. A

    Passion for physics/mathematics but lack of Experience

    I have been looking now for almost 1 year for my specific problem I am dealing in School right now. To make things clear I am a graduate student in High school and in a month or so I will be graduating High School. My major interests is Physics specifically Radio-Astronomy. However I...
  25. Z

    Discovering My Passion for Science: A First Year Uni Student's Journey

    Hello, I am a first year uni student and am undecided about my major. Basically, I have an interest in all sciences, from biology to physics, and I want to find my real passion. I have an appreciation for math because I understand that it is the "ultimate science" and it explains and proves...
  26. stripes

    Learning new things is fun, yet I hate school with a burning passion.

    I'm a 2nd year math student. I'm taking 5 courses, but only 2 are math courses (differential equations and linear algebra). The rest are just 1st year electives I never did earlier (first year psychology and first semester biology). In short, I hate things like midterms, final exams, the idea of...
  27. W

    Starting a career, nanotech passion, looking for advises.

    Disclaimer: Non english speaker, sorry for any mistakes. I'll try to be as brief and objective as possible, but I have many doubts. Background: 19 years old, hobbyist programmer since 10, finished high school last year, got a place on the best college of my city, choose Electronic Engineering...
  28. K

    Engineering Cultivating a passion for Chemical Engineering?

    Well I just finished my Chem Final for the semester, and regardless of my performance, the past week I've been studying everything from the foundational concepts to broader theories. At the end of it all, I feel that I have a much better grasp on chemistry, which does not seem as hard as...
  29. F

    Astrophysics: Passion or Practicality?

    Hello everyone, The more I think about my future career path, the more I think I will end up in Astrophysics. I've had a great 'passion' for the subject since I was a kid, but I would like to do something that will make a difference to the world (positive, that is), and I cannot see how...
  30. M

    Clashing perspectives between just finding a job and following your passion

    I come from Asian ethnicity, and my parents constantly want me to switch from chem e to stats. from what they've seen, a lot of international students get a phd in something, and they can't find jobs afterward. The main concern for them seems to be to simply find a good paying job and settling...
  31. C

    Passion vs Practicality: Navigating Career Choices in Physics and Engineering

    I've talk to many people about this and as much as I don't think I should rely on internet people for advice I need some perspective. I've been in college too long. Not that I was going full time or even for a degree the whole time but still. After HS I went to a kind of crappy state...
  32. U

    Unleashing a Lost Passion - A 16 Year Old's Journey in Physics

    Hello Everyone! I too am a new member in this forum. I would like to thank Karkas for starting a thread on a topic, I spent the chief of today looking for on the internet, but, without much success. I too am a 16 year old, and my interests are somewhat similar to Karkas's with an addition...
  33. R

    Can Passion Overcome Inexperience in Pursuing a Biology Degree?

    Hello, this entire site is completely new to me, but I can tell that it is currently giving me both hope and intimidation. This might seem like a long rant or a common concern among young hopeful high school students, but please don't stop reading - I've been looking around and not only do...
  34. T

    Pursuing Electrical Engineering: Advice for a Young Initiate

    My third job ever I worked with my brother who is qualified to get his masters liscense, at an electrical distributor. It was my time working with him, constructing and repairing surge protectors, that my passion for engineering was ignited. My brother had a deep fascination for Nikola Tesla and...
  35. C

    Finding a Passion for Physics and Space Exploration

    Hello everyone, I'm a junior in high school and I've been having trouble trying to figure out my life career. I currently have a "B" in chemistry and have kind of been gliding my way through the year, not applying myself because of this unsureness of a career. Well I've always been...
  36. S

    Is a Passion for Science Inherent or Constructed?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and looking for a bit of advice on things. I am an undergraduate studying physics about to finish up what I suppose most would call the sophomore year. However I look back on what I have done and realize that the passion that brought me into science as a kid, by reading...
  37. J

    [POLL] When Did You Find Your Passion?

    At what point did you realize "wow this is what I want to do for a long time!" Was it in high school? Perhaps it happened during your undergrad years, grad school, or maybe once you were out in the workforce? Share your experience. Feel free to tell us what motivated you and how it happened...
  38. P

    I'm Stuck: Seeking a Passion for Life

    I don't know what i want to do with my life. I find science fascinating and interesting. But I really don't like studying it. I was going into nanotechnology as of lately. But now I feel like making movies. I have the visual ability and I am good at picturing an outcome. My mother is an...
  39. A

    Exploring Prerequisites: How to Find a New Passion

    Have you ever studied from a subject, realized that you were lacking in some prerequisites, then started reading up on the prerequisites, and then realized that you have become more interested in the prerequisite subject(s) than the original subject? I have. Years ago, I was very interested...
  40. F

    Encouraging My Younger Brother's Passion for Physics

    I like physics but I am not much good at it. My younger brother has suddenly become quite passionate about it, he's joined the science club and everything. I don't usually post anything here I am more into just reading peoples thoughts, but he's asked me about the string theory and I haven't a...
  41. wolram

    Owning Antiques: My Passion for the Old and Interesting

    What is the oldest man made thing you own? i love antique furnature, vehicles and gizmos, my cott would be full of the stuff if i had the money, most of the time i could not explain why i like antiques, may be it is the patina or the touchy feely thing, when my bike is finished i intend to buy...
  42. JasonRox

    My Math Story: How I Discovered My Passion for Mathematics

    Alright, let's start a new thread. I'm curious to know where the passion for mathematics came about in your life. When was it clear that you wanted to be a mathematician (although you may not be one yet)? Most mathematicians have the story of reading a particular book that had very...
  43. T

    Newbie help - Passion for physics

    Newbie help - Passion for physics :) Hi everyone. I am a investment/finance/technical market specialist, so basically I deal with technical analysis in certain markets. Far from anything related to physics (although I deal with allot of math), but I have a GREAT passion for physics, and...
  44. E

    Exploring a New Passion: AI and What It Entails

    I'm not sure why but just a few days ago this feeling to really want to do something related to AI just woke up. I've always been fascinated with the whole idea.. but not until recently did I think that it might just be something I would want to focus on for the rest of my life. Now, don't...
  45. T

    Now it's official. Everyone in the world has seen Passion

    I just went and bought Passion of the Christ and watched it. I'm a bit confused though, when does he get a lightsaber?
  46. B

    What's Your Specialism? Professionals Share Their Passion!

    A quick question for all the professionals? I'm currently doing a years intership as an extra part of my degree at RAL. Being in a real lab has been making me think more about doing a phD and research. However the question is, in what field? So here's where you all get to promote your...
  47. P

    What is the secret to finding and maintaining a true passion in life?

    How do I find my passion? I am a college drop out, who is going to start up again. I was 35 credits shy of a physics degree when I left school. I left because I was no longer passionate about my chosen path. I have been out of school now for a 1 ½ years, and thought I found a new...
  48. Ivan Seeking

    Good vs. Evil: The Box Office Battle Between The Passion and Hellboy

    It just struck me as funny that these were the two top movies in the US over Easter. 1). The Passion 2). Hellboy Should we look for some kind of deep meaning here? Are we seeing the classic battle between good and evil; where good brought in 17 million and evil brought in 10 million...
  49. S

    Did The Passion Fail to Address the Spiritual Suffering of Jesus?

    I'm not a Christian, but my opinion is that the focal point of the story (or myth) of Jesus was almost entirely absent in this film. I thought "the Passion..." failed to even marginally address the depth of spiritual suffering related in the story of Christ. While it was realistic in that it...