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Curious: Magnetic bullet question

  1. Sep 30, 2012 #1
    No, not the ferrous metal ones that magnets stick to.

    My question pertains to what would happen if you shot a neodymium magnet out of a shotgun. I've see a video where they do it and they stick together but what about their effects on electronics? If you hit it and they didn't penetrate would that induce enough of a field to damage electronics?

    Say you had one of these moving at 400 meters per second"


    original video
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    Simon Bridge

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    From the shotgun the magnets tumbled so they were able to clump up with opposite poles in contact ... so the net B field is very small.

    But if you shoot a single one, make it aerodynamic, you'd have a rapidly changing B field at the target ... you can work out the effect for yourself (and compare with the kinetic energy of the impact).
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