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Cuts of a Feynman diagram and the massless limit

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    Consider a ##j## point all massive leg one loop polygonal Feynman diagram ##P## representing some scattering process cut on a particular mass channel ##s_i##. Invoking the relevant Feynman rules and proceeding with the integration via dimensional regularisation for example gives me an expression for ##\text{Cut}_{s_i}P\left(p_1^2, \dots, p_j^2, \epsilon\right)##.

    I am wondering if someone could explain why it is or is not possible to send the mass corresponding to the channel that was cut to zero if I wanted to consider a massless limit?

    Many thanks!
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    Looks like you are talking infrared divergence. If you sent all the masses to zero, the amplitude is divergent as energy goes to zero, thus you have to apply a cutoff. The argument for QED is, by considering there is measuring energy threshold for any apparatus, the final result would not depend on any cutoff but the apparatus threshold.
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    Sorry for the late reply and for just coming back to this thread now. I have yet to take a proper course in the path integral formulism in QFT, so what I say may be a bit incorrect. As far as I understand it, dimensional regularisation is a regularisation procedure in which there is no need to introduce a cut off scale?

    If we consider a 4 propagator cut of the massive box, then taking four prop cuts reduces its weight to zero and thus its expansion in the regulator starts off as const + A##\epsilon##. I am not sure if this is related to the fact that the 4 prop cut of the all massless box can be obtained by simply sending all masses to zero in the 4 cut of the massive box? At least my prof gave me the impression you could, but I am still understanding why.

    This thread is a month old and Rainbowend only has two posts so might be away. If anyone else has anything to say, please do, thanks :)
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