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D spacing from X-ray diffraction data

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    How do get the d spacing from XRD data, using braggs law. I am unsure how to actually obtain the value of d. I have attached the file as a text file with the data in.

    Many thanks for the help.

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    Plot this and find out what 2theta value your peaks occur at. If you know the crystal structure and the family of planes you wish to find the d-spacing for it is just a simple calculation.

    If you don't know the crystal structure, its more complicated.
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    Hi Goalie33,

    I know it is YBCO (superconductor) in its superconducting phase so it has an Orthorhombic crystal structure.

    Does this help at all? What I really want to do is to determine the a, b, c lattice parameters.
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    I think you're making this out to be a more complicated operation than it needs to be. I would suggest getting a good book on XRD from the library (I like Cullity). It will nearly walk you through the steps to find a, b, and c.

    Now, the book will give you a formula for bragg angle (NOT 2 THETA) as a function of h,k,l and a,b,c. Knowing that the a,b,c d-spacings correspond to the (001) type planes you can find a,b, and c easily. Hope this helps.
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