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Day/night temperature difference indesert

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    I'd like to know if someone here knows what is the day/night temperature diference in the desert and in other places where this diference is big. The only I find in the internet in max/min temperature or summer/winter.

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    Do you want the range for a single day, or do you want the mean daily range for a given month, or do you want the mean daily range for a period of years?

    If you want the single day, you will have to work to find this out. It involves searching the records of the various national climatic organizations, month by month and year by year and station by station. This sort of data is of little use to either aviators or agriculturists, so is rarely compiled.

    Monthly and annual ranges are easier to come by.

    Do you have a particular location in mind? Death Valley has an average April range of about 54°F and an average annual range of 98°F.
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    It is not a desert because of temperature, it is a desert because it is dry (very-low precipitation). There are deserts near the Poles
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    Ahh but the largest driver of Dirunal tempreature variation (asside form solar angle and hours of daylight) is humidity and cload formation both large factors in desert formation Hence the refrences to large diurnal swings in deserts.
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