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DBM: Ring Diode Topology

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    Hi all. I started a thread a while back about RF mixer design. I didn't know what to do or what design to choose. You guys laid some options for me and after some research and time I have finally decided that I will go for a double balanced, ring diode topology. Here is a schematic from google:

    So I think I get the general idea of the circuit and I am ready to simulate it and build it. I am wondering about one thing though, the two balun transformers... Is it possible to buy them already made? If so, how do I choose what I need? I would hate having to wind them myself as my hands do not allow me to undertake such delicate work.

    Thank you PF.
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    It depends on the frequency you are working at (for the cost) but I think they are available at all popular frequencies and would probably work better than a home made version (coil winding is pretty skilled and balance is important).
    See these links
    1, 2, and many others.
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    I agree with sophiecentaur

    These things are built in a tiny metal box 1" x .5" x .5" and cost peanuts. You would never be able to achieve anywhere near the performance that a commercial one would give you.
    You would be better off putting your efforts to other parts of the RF circuits
    The SBL- 1 ( and SBL-1X) is a wideband mixer I have used often over the years
    Have also used a variety of others that cover other frequency ranges

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    I have played with audio frequency baluns and mixers. Good fun: Ex terrrrrminate!!! (Dr Who / Dalek, quote, for people not in the UK)
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