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DC power supply with DE-9 connection

  1. Jul 8, 2008 #1
    I have a photodiode/amplifier module, which has a D-sub connection for the power supply. The manufacturer sells a power supply, but it is out of my budget range, and the lab only has standard laboratory PSU's (+V,-V, gnd). Is there any connections so that I can use this module with my power supply? The DE-9 connection only uses 4 prongs (+,-,gnd, case gnd).

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Do you mean that you just want to wire up a DB-9 (not DE-9) connector to your lab power supply? Lots of electronics supply places carry DB-9 shells and pins so you can make your own cables up. Is this what you mean?


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    thats it, thanks berkeman
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