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Delayed choice quantum eraser experiment in terms of MWI and/or BI

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    I'm sure there's been a lot of posts on this before, but even after taking a look at some of them, this experiment is still eluding my understanding.
    I'm aware that there's no backwards causation--and that the eraser causes interference by random 'categorization'--but I'm nonetheless dissatisfied that I don't have a visual picture of the phenomenon. I know that's it possible to have one through realist interpretations of QM since they (must be) consistent with standard QM equations. Could anyone give me a complete, step-by-step description of the entire standard delayed choice quantum eraser experiment: http://www.bottomlayer.com/bottom/kim-scully/kim-scully-web.htm
    in terms of MWI? or perhaps BI--if not MWI, but I'd prefer MWI--including how the correlation exists in either case? I haven't taken any QM courses (and won't be able to for about a year) so I'd greatly appreciate descriptions that don't stray too far past basic mathematics.

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    If you don't know much about QM, you might find this analogy useful:
    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=7 [Broken]
    which is written by having the Bohmian view of quantum mechanics in mind.
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