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Delta/Wye 3-Phase Using Mesh Analysis

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    Hi, I have to solve a 3-phase circuit using mesh analysis. The source is a balanced Delta Phase A = 480V at 0 deg, Phase B is at -120 deg, and Phase C is at 120 deg. The load is a balanced Wye load at 0.99 + j 0.66. My mesh equations are as follows:

    Vab = I1 * ( Z1 + Z2) - I2 * Z2
    Vbc = -I2 * Z2 + I2 * (Z2 + Z3)

    My professor said not to worry about the loop inside of the Delta Source since they will all cancel.

    We did this problem in class a different way and got a line current of 234.3A at -33.7 degrees.

    When I solved for I1 I got 233.3A at -131 degrees. I am not sure if it is just coincidence that my magnitude is close to the same value or if I messed the angle somehow. Whenever I plug I1 in to solve I2, I get a value that is way off. I really want to know if my equations are correct for the Mesh Analysis.
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