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Deposition and Using of information when required

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    Hi, there are thousands of firms in the world. Some of them are predominant firms such as samsung, sony and apple. There are thousands of working people in these firms. I would like to understand that how these firms keep the information collected. When they learn a new information, do they write it on a note book and when required they open the notebook or their engineers keep that information in their minds and when required they bring it back by remembering? Do they draw important parts of (academic) books in which information is contained? How these processes happen?
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    They use computers.
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    Keeping knowledge in your head is a fantastic way for any institution to suffer a crippling blow in the future. If one year Bill who has been with the company 45 years retires and no one can quite remember how to do X or why Z is done that way then there can be a huge loss in productivity.

    Any institution survives by record keeping, especially of SOPs (standard operating procedures). Management of institutional knowledge is a big field and these days, like Evo says, records of how to do things are kept digitally. Different departments are usually responsible for maintaining different records. For example: HR will have a record of which members of staff have completed what training, finance will have records of where accounts are held, manufacturing will have SOPs for how to make a product etc.
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    While there is a lot of information stored electronically at many companies big and small, here is a picture of the one record storage system which everyone uses:


    Although many have touted the so-called paper-less office, there's more paper than ever washing thru businesses.

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    But to keep information in this way is a very high risk. Important information might be stolen easily, for example by hacking.

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    How is hacking considered "easily"? There are ways to avoid losing much even when hacked - encryption.
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    It depends on from case to case and from person to person. Some people may think that it is as easy as drinking water. You know some people also suppose themselves as big as a mountain. the information can be stolen physically as well. For example somebody attack the building and steal it. Electronic storage devices can be broken down. This also cause to data losts.

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    It's necessary. I don't think you understand how much data is involved for even medium sized businesses nowadays. Especially for legal firms. It HAS to be kept on a server.

    And it's certainly not "very high risk". With proper encryption, it's not easy for ANYONE to obtain the information. You only hear about the stories where a security hole was discovered somewhere causing data to be hacked, etc. (analogous to a filing cabinet accidently left unlocked) or where security was insufficient. You don't realize how difficult it is for someone to obtain data that is properly secured.
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    Which brings up the question: do most companies secure their data effectively-enough? I don't know the details, but the recent case of Apple suggest that they do not always secure their data as well as they could.
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    There was a famous scientific theft against the U.S by Soviet Union. It was secrets of atomic bomb. Husband and wife Rosenbergs was executed because of that theft. How could they steal that secret? Was that secret written on a notebook or in a electronic storage and could they reach that secret? Did they steal it from a university? Do you have any idea?
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