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Derivation of lorentz transformation

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    Hello friend,

    I want to know how to derive lorentz transformation. Even though i have book that derived lorentz transform,i am not able to understand. I hope you give me an easy derivation of it!
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    Why do you want it? I have never bothered to understand how to derive the Lorentz Transformation. I trust that it is correct. If you want to understand Special Relativity, you can leave that derivation for some time in the future after you have mastered how to use the LT. Just my opinion. I'm sure others will point you to a great many links on the ways that they have learned to do the derivation and you'll study them all and still not understand the derivation. Fortunately, using the LT is very easy and that's the important thing.
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    You would get better help if you say which book and what you did not understand about the derivation therein. E.g., did you understand some of it? Did you understand its starting point? Or did you understand nothing at all?

    Also, you should say what level of maths and physics you have already studied, so people here can understand your background.
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    This animation seems good:

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