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Derivative of a fraction and power

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    I'm trying to take the derivative of [x/x^2+1]^3. Where do I start?
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    Start as how you start to any derivative, difference quotient.
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    as I interpret

    start with the chain rule with power rule , then quotient and difference rule .
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    Start by clarifying your expression.
    [itex](\frac{x}{x^2+1})^3[/itex] or [itex](\frac{1}{x}+1)^3[/itex]?
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    Thanks! That really helped.
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    In the future, post questions like this in the Homework & Coursework section (under Calculus), not here in the technical sections. When you post a question in the Homework section, a template appears into which you enter the problem description, any formulas or equations, and what you have tried.
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