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Homework Help: Derivative of inverse trig function

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    Hi, can anyone check my work?



    let u = (x-(1+x^2))

    [tex]y^1=\frac{1}{1+[x-(1+x^2)]} [1-x(1+x^2)][/tex]

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    Your post is littered with errors. :mad:
    Edit: I've edited in for your forgotten square root sign. :mad::mad:
    Here's how you may do it:
    Set [itex]Y(u)=\tan^{-1}(u),U(x)=(x-\sqrt{1+x^{2}}), y(x)=Y(U(x))[/tex]
    Thus, we have:
    Or, finally:
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    oops..i made an error in my first equation..i edited it..can you check it now?
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    If you edited this after arildno looked at it, you are still missing a square root:
    [tex]y=tan^-^1(x-(1+x^2)^\frac{1}{2})= tan^{-1}(u)[/tex]
    for u= (x- (1+ x2)1/2).
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