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Design code for structural steel materials

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    Bidders propeses ASTM A36 material istead of S275 J2 or S355ML/NL for structural steel (Piperack, Equipment Structure, etc.) on the basis of international standards for most optimal and economical design. Is it really optimal? pls explain why
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    Bidders propose what they can make money on. What do the data sheets say?
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    ACI, AISC, ASCE and ASTM will apply to Civil and Structral. So pls help which of one is optimal and economical ASTM A36 or S275 J2 or S355ML/NL? Thank u
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    Well, I've heard of ASTM A36 and know where to go to find the details, if need be. :wink:

    S275 J2 or S355 ML/NL I've never heard of and wouldn't know where to go for the details without doing some digging. :frown:
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