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Design of a conventional multi range voltmeter/ammeter

  1. Mar 5, 2009 #1
    Hi there..
    is anybody here know how to design one multi range voltmeter/ammeter by using a D’Arsonval meter with a full-scale deflection rating of 1mA and the internal coil resistance of 500Ω?
    The measurement range of the voltmeter should cover the ranges as shown below.
    Voltmeter Ammeter
    1) 0-1V 0-10mA
    2) 0-5V 0-50mA
    3) 0-10V 0-100mA
    4) 0-20V 0-1A
    5) 0-50V 0-10A
    6) 0-100V 0-20A
    7) 0-200V 0-50A
    8) 0-300V 0-60A
    9) 0-400V 0-80A
    10) 0-500V 0-100A
    Can u tell me the step hw to do n any ref of this...
    thx 4 helping... i really appreciate it...
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    It's all about ohms law. Nothing more. This sounds like homework BTW.
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