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Design of piezoactuated micropump

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    I am intersting in microfluidic and especially micropumps with piezoelectrcially actuated membranes.
    I would like to use PVDF polymer actuators and even try to use them directly as a membrane but I don't if it's possible and if the fabrication is feasible and cheap?

    Could someone give some indications?

    Thank you!
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    Do you mean in a similar fashion to how a peristaltic pump works? Maybe, but you'd probably need to try it. Or look and see if someone's already done it at, say, WebofScience or Google Scholar. Also, you'll probably have to figure out how to make microchannels in this stuff. I believe even when casting in PDMS or PMMA, you do metallization such that you can get electroosmotic (EO) or DiElectroPhoretic (DEP) flow.

    EDIT: I am not an expert in microfluidic systems.
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