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Designing pressure vessels that split.

  1. Oct 3, 2012 #1
    If designing a carbon-fibre pressure vessel (over a aluminum sleeve), how can ensure your vessel splits if ruptured as opposed to exploding?
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    The normal approach is to design it so that it does neither. That is what applicable codes and standards are all about.
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    Sometimes though, other factors need also to be considered...Perceptions for one.
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    I don't understand what perceptions you refer to.

    I've been on the investigation team after a pressure vessel split. These were cylinders, some with water, some oil, and one pneumatic. In all cases, the witnesses said they exploded. Of course, the pneumatic vessel ruptured with much more intensity.

    If your intent is to protect against over pressure, then include a burst disk or a relief valve.
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    Presumably this is in addition to having other safety featues such as a pressure relief valve or two.

    Perhaps you could mould a groove in the wall so that when the design pressure is exceeded it splits in a predictable way. Bit like the perforations in toilet paper are intended to make it tear in the right place.
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    OK, that makes sense. Thank you for both replies, I really appreciate your help.
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