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Development of new automation systems and very accurate encoders

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    Hi friends, I have two different questions.
    1. I search information about development new automation systems, not regular development that develop a new algorithm or new control method or search after the dynamics of the system but development without research and without to take out new patents.
    I search after information about development that use standards devices and connect them together and build with them a new automation system like information and websites of companies that sales robots \ controllers \ operators (like all kinds of motors and pneumatics operators) and other stuff that I can connect them and build the new automation system.
    What can be the skills that are needed to develop new automation systems like I wrote?

    2. I search information after very accurate encoders, the accurate of these encoders are several nanometers, like how they are build inside, companies that develop very accurate encoders and other information that correlated to very accurate encoders.
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