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The correlation between AI and C.V. to these automation systems

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    I want to know how the artificial intelligent become integrated or can improve more automation systems and machine that build in automatic way Display screen, solar cells, lithium ion batteries, printed circuit boards and 3D printers.

    I know that these automation systems and machine are connected to 3D sketches that were sketches in a 3D software sketch like Solidworks.
    I know that these automation systems and machine are connected to SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), this is a software that combine a lot of information and data about the company that are related to human resources, budget, marketing, logistics and operation.
    I know that these automation systems and machine use the operation system Linux and multi tasking software like UNIX.
    I know that these automation systems and machine use a lot of kinds of control, motion control for the control of the dynamics of the robots, hydraulics and pneumatics, wireless communication and nanotechnology for semiconductors.

    1. The products line of these automation systems uses these parallel robots and it is close to these video.

    Others video that are also related to these automation systems and machines
    2. Automations systems for Fuel Cell Manufacturing

    3. Machines for producing thin film solar panel

    4. Machines for producing PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

    I search after examples of researches or projects that are related to artificial intelligent and one of these technologies that the automation systems and machine have.
    Maybe one approach of many kinds of approach can be something that is related to clusters and computer vision or other approach can be in fixing mistakes, the problem is that I don't have information about these approaches and the possible correlation to these kinds of automation systems and machine.
    What kinds of software for artificial intelligent can possible use these automation systems and machine?
    How computer vision use or can improve these automation systems and machine? And how this computer vision can be involve with artificial intelligent?
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