Did you see the epic game with the Rock Chalk Jayhawks tonight?

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Did anyone else watch the game tonight? Amazing. We totally dominated... if Roy hadn't put the benchers in, it would have almost certainly been the biggest blowout in NCAA Final Four history... as it was it was third.
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so much for Marquette![zz)]
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Originally posted by Greg Bernhardt
well since I live in milwaukee... it is a very sad day!

ah, no reason to get down; i live in Lawrence and i could not care less.

1. What is the Rock Chalk Jayhawks?

The Rock Chalk Jayhawks is the nickname for the University of Kansas' sports teams, specifically their basketball team.

2. What makes the game with the Rock Chalk Jayhawks "epic"?

The term "epic" in this context likely refers to the intense and exciting nature of the game, as well as the reputation and success of the Rock Chalk Jayhawks in college basketball.

3. Did the Rock Chalk Jayhawks win the game?

I am not sure which specific game is being referred to, but the Rock Chalk Jayhawks have a long history of success and have won many games in the past.

4. What is the significance of "Rock Chalk" in the team's nickname?

"Rock Chalk" is a chant and cheer used by the University of Kansas, often associated with their basketball team. It is derived from the school's chant "Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU!"

5. How does the Rock Chalk Jayhawks' performance affect the scientific community?

The Rock Chalk Jayhawks are not directly related to the scientific community, so their performance in a basketball game would not have a direct impact. However, their success and achievements may bring pride and inspiration to the university and its academic programs.

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