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Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Discharge Circuit

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    To anyone that can help me,

    Hello everyone. I am student from Mechanical Engineering and I am very new to electronic field. I currently doing my final year project which is developing the high voltage discharge circuit for the DBD plasma. The middle electronic elements is the representative of the two electrodes (the main discharge element) in electronic form.

    The problem I facing is when I try to increase the distance of electrodes which mean the air resistance increase(let say from 33.3T ohms to 50T ohms) and air capacitance decrease (10.68fF to 6fF), The discharge current across the capacitor on the right which is C2 still remain the same which is 1.571kA(this is for first value 33.3T ohms and 10.68fF).

    Is that my circuit is wrong or the configuration of my circuit is wrong? Or is due to the measurement method (I using oscilloscpoe to measure it across the capacitor with the help of probe)?

    Thanks in advanced for any help that you all give me, I am appreciate it.

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    The schematic diagram is as below. Thanks.

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