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Dielectric test as per IEC for Low voltage panels

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    Hello guys,

    I was searching for what voltage does IEC standard call for Di electric test that should be done to low voltage panels? is it 2.5 KV for 1 minutes?

    If yes how how low voltage cable rated 600/1000 V can withstand 2.5KV without insulation failure?
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    First be sure to be aware if they are calling out 2.5K VAC or 2.5K VDC -

    The cables and equipment must be able to handle voltage higher than the applied voltage to ensure it is safe. For example 600VAC - has peak voltage of 850 V-- and then consider this is 1700V P-P....

    There is also the issue of voltage spikes - which could be hundreds of volts.... 2.5KV is the value the industry has accepted as "safe enough" and also economically feasible.
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    Which IPC standard is applicable to your equipment?
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