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Medium Voltage Cable Cable sheat integrity test

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    Can sombebody help me where i can get the test procedure for cable sheat integrity test for medium voltage cable, as per IEC 60229 STANDARD?.
    and does anyone knows where i can get the free pdf of IEC 229?..

    PLS . i need some help.

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    I do not think there is a free (legal) PDF version. Those are copyrighted documents, and they are for sale through a number of outlets. Just buy them and that will show you the test procedure(s).
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    thanks !
    thats why i had some trouble of finding free PDF version of IEC Standard.

    anyway, may i ask one more thing.

    what is the difference between "INSULATION TEST OR MEGGER TESTING" From "CABLE SHEAT INTEGRITY TEST W/ ABSORPTION INDEX" ? for Medium Voltage cable of 15KV?.. coz im quite having some confuse with these two. but i find them exactly similar in terms of measurement of variable.
    Is there any difference from Test Setup?.. when to use insulation test?, and when to use cable sheat integrity test?.. and to what cable does this type of test applies?.. medium voltage only?..

    any inputs will be appreciated.

    many thanks!

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