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Programs Difference Between B.Tech and MCA

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    What is the difference between B.Tech on CS and MCA??
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    MCA or Master of Computer Application is a general Master's degree course related with computer application.

    It simultaneously deals with software and hardware functions and implementations.

    On the other hand, a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is a technical bachelor's degree course, which is also related with software and hardware.

    But the difference in these two are that an MCA student knows the theory part of software and hardware more than a B.Tech student.

    And a b.Tech student knows the technical implementation of things better, and the application and theory part is strong for an MCA .

    More or less,goals of both are same and job prospects also are equal for both.

    Many reputed Indian and foreign technical organisations hire fresh MCA students and B.Tech graduates every year. Job profiles are same in both cases.
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