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Schools Difference between bursary, scholarship and fellowship

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    The title itself describes my query.

    Also, is a fellowship more prestigious than a scholarship which in turn is more prestigious than a bursary?
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    im in the uk so will speak for here

    bursary - money you are given for free, the amount you get is based on household income (i am a first year student and i get one of these from my uni)
    scholarship - free money given to you for doing extremely well academically (i am a first year student and i get one of these from my uni)
    fellowship - in the uk it is money awarded to you to allow you to continue your research in your area of expertise

    in term of prestige bursary isnt prestigious, it is just there to help students from a poorer background
    scholarship is prestigious i guess as you need to be coming in the top of your cohort academically
    fellowship is again prestigious i guess as it is awarded to allow you to continue your research, implying the awarding body thinks you are doing well in your field and potentially could secure a lecturer position after
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    got it!
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    Vanadium 50

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    You should probably say what country you are in.
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    In Canada, a bursary is primarily based on financial need, but for some bursaries, notable academic achievement and/or social contribution is required to be eligible. You don't normally mention bursaries in your CV.

    A scholarship is primarily based on academic achievement, but can be limited to students from a certain gender or background.

    I'm not sure about fellowships.
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