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Difference between Google search in web and in videos

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    Hi. When I make a search on Google, usually there are more pages in videos search than in web search? This situation bewilders me because, shouldn't web search comprise the video search.
    This shows that web search doesn't mean everything search in spite of my wrong belief.
    So what is the difference between web searh and videos search?

    Thank you.
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    not only could be impractical to get you everything but the whole search results is most probably being customized for you and you alone via cookies, previous search/browsing history in this and all other topics that tell google who "you" are, the kind of thinks you like and would like to see, your ideologies, etc. ...maybe an experiment is in place, get a not-so-much-friend of yours do the same search and compare results...I said not-so-much-friend to reduce compatibility.
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    Check out the book "The Filter Bubble" for an explanation of this phenomenon. All search results are tailored just for you, and they may change frequently. It can be annoying. There is, I think, a way to turn off filtering in Google--but they don't make it easy. And you have to be logged on to your Google account, so you don't know if they are really doing it or not.
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