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Regular expressions with google web search

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    Hi all,

    Cam google web search accepet regular expressions? Especially, I need to search strings with any number between two words, for example: "vehicle runs at XXX km/h".

    Thank you
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    "vehicle runs at *** km/h" returns entries containing

    vehicle runs at less than 60 km/h
    Vehicle runs at speed of 70 km/h

    and so on
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    Three * means you are searching for three separate words. Indeed, both "less than 60" and "spee of 70" contain three words.
    This is a straightforward case, because "*" followed by a unit (km/h) push the "*" to be a number.

    Thank you. I haven't found that list. But I think it might be solved by forcing a reasonable number range. As example:
    "Engine runs *"-> 150'000 results
    "Engine runs 1800..2500" -> 10'000 results and "engine runs" is actually followed by numbers.

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    The .. operator creates a numeric search range .

    eg Cameras £50..£300

    Problem is that not much online technical data will be in a suitable format for Google to find .

    Using search formats like ' Effect of speed on engine performance ' or ' drag on vehicles at high speed ' will usually generate much more information but you will then have to sift it manually .

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    you're on right and the link is really precious
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