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Homework Help: Difference between 'hold off' and 'hold on'

  1. Nov 25, 2013 #1
    i just wondering what is the difference between 'hold off' and 'hold on' command?
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    They both mean to wait before doing something, but I thing in general use, "hold on" means to stop something that you are about to do right now where as "hold off" means to put off for quite a while something that you were going to do sometime soon but not necessarily immediately. That is, "hold on" is a more immediate command.

    Also, because of the immediacy, "hold on" is usually said in a more urgent way than "hold off".

    So a conversation might go like this:

    A: I'm going to shoot that guy right now
    B: WHOA. Hold on!
    A: What, you don't want me to shoot him?
    B: Well, maybe, but let's hold off on that until we find out for sure if he's who we think he is.
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    eltrinco, in case you don't know, phinds is pulling your leg.

    Without any context for where you're seeing these commands, people can't give you a serious answer.
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