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Difference between pendulum with a peg

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    :confused: I would like to know what is the difference between pendulum with a peg just completing a loop-the-loop and the same pendulum with the same peg released so that the ball goes over the top of the peg without string going slack. I believe I'm having language problem here, I don't understand it st all. If you could put it in simplier words, that would really help. Thank you!!!
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    To be honest, I don't understand your description either :P

    You can't release a pendulum with enough potential energy to go back over the top again, so a bit more detail would be helpful
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    Thank you, but never mind!I somehow got my question right.
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    My guess is that in the first case the ball has just enough energy to clear the peg with a slack string, while in the second case the string remains taught. In both cases the peg would be lower than the pendulum pivot, or the pendulum has to be pushed to give it an initial velocity (or both).
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