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Difference between Schools in Canada and US

  1. May 27, 2010 #1
    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently a Grade 11 IB student living in BC Canada. For the last few years, it has been my goal to get into a good American university. I'm thinking of going into some sort of engineering in university (electrical or mechanical, or both!) However, for the past month, I've been hearing that generally, undergrad in most places is about the same, and there's not a big difference between good Canadian and American universities. I was hoping I could get a few opinions about this.

    How much different is an education at a good Canadian university compared to a good American university?
    Would it be an advantage to have a bachelors from America if I plan on going to grad school in America?
    How often does a student get a job right after getting a bachelors, at say... UBC?

    Also, by 'good' Canadian universities, I mean schools like Waterloo, UofT, McGill, and UBC; and the American ones (I'm not saying that I'll get into these): MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, etc.

    Thanks for your help!
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    You are comparing the Ivy with Canada's best, I think it is quite easy to say that all those American Universities are superb.

    I suggest Waterloo or McGill if you are going into Engineering, UBC and UofT are good choices too.
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    I know that I'm comparing Ivy's with Canada's best, but I was wondering HOW MUCH better the ivys are in the long run. I understand there is going to be a better program overall, with better professors, and a more competitive environment, but how does it compare with Canada's top universities?

    Also, thanks for your suggestions!
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    When I was applying to university (this year) Canada's "top" universities were my safety schools (I got into them) but I got rejected from the US (MIT Stanford etc). I mean those universities (by the way none of the ones named are ivy league) IMO are much better, not that you will have a bleak future in Canada but its a different league with a different culture, and that culture makes all the difference.

    I am going to go to UofT for physics and maths so even though I couldn't make it to MIT I am not too sad because nevertheless these are good schools and if I study enough and if I am determined enough I can still go to the states for grad school and hopefully make up whatever I may have lost here in Canada and hopefully even make use of some advantages I may have.

    I know I'm sending some mixed signals but basically aim for the stars, you'll at least make it to the moon.
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    Thanks for your input!

    I basically have the same mindset as you - aim for the top US schools, but don't get too sad if I don't get in.

    Hmm... Could I get a few more opinions on this? I know that most people are going to say that the US schools are superior, but is the difference between them THAT drastic? This was the way I thought for a long time (that US schools are far better than Canadian schools), but I've just been recently wondering if that is the case in reality, or is it just some sort of mentality that parents and kids in high school have?

    Thanks for your input, everyone!
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