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Different tread design v/s performance

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    How significant is the effect of tire tread pattern/design on the performance.I searched a lot but could not get any satisfactory answer. I know some designs favour better grip over speed (high rolling resistance), some are better for wet conditions but is the difference in tread design very significant or difference is not that big.
    Thank You
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    Thanks for replying @Nidum. But i have already read all this. What i wanted to know, if one has enough time and money, should he consider using different tires in different conditions. Like only wet weather tyres in wet conditions, etc. i.e. do all weather tyres provide nearly the same affect as against using different tyres for different conditions in encountered in everyday normal situations.(like rain,dry weather etc.)
    Thank you
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    The answer to your search lies in the semantics. Tread design has a notable effect on several variables. It can affect the rate the tire surface heats up or how quickly it cools itself off. It has a most significant affect on the rate the tire moves water from underneath itself to prevent hydroplaning. It affects grip on dry surfaces. It affects how quickly the tire clean themselves in mud, snow, or dirt. The list goes on. The real question is; At what level will you be driving? There is in most manufacture lines dry season and wet season tires. There is winter and all season. Any of these works marginally better in their design realm.

    If as you say you are just "everyday normal driving" is there any advantage to pushing a limit you are not approaching/
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