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Differential amplifier simulation

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    I'm trying to simulate this ciruit on microsim schematics:


    This's what I've got so far:


    What I want to see is the final graph with the values of V0,V1,V2.V1 is 1V and V2 varies from -5V to 7V.I'm not sure if my circuit is totally right so I'd really appreciate if someone could correct it where it is wrong, or give me some pointers on how to correct it.Thanks in advance for the reply!


    Just one more question,how do I read the values of the error |V0 experimental - V0 theoric|?Why do the values from v0 theoric differ so much from those of V0 experimental(from class)?Shouldn't the V0 theoric values stand between +15vcc and -15vcc?This's the table with the experimental and theoric results value(didn't put the simulated values because I'm not sure if the microsim circuit is correct):

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    Any help,please?
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    It looks like the -15V supply is miswired. Am I reading the simulation schematic wrong?
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