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Digital Communications textbook?

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    Hey guys, I'm taking a Digital Communications class and we are using the book "Digital Communications" by Bernard Sklar. I have heard from a few people that this book is not as mathematically rigorous as some of the other books in the field and therefore does not provide a deep understanding of the material.

    I am thinking about ordering the textbook "Digital Communications" by John Proakis. My professor has this listed as a recommended book and I've read some good reviews for it – especially that it is more mathematically intensive than the previously mentioned book.

    Has anyone used the book before and can testify for its quality?

    I also have the book "Communications Systems" by Simon Haykin that I used for another Communications class, so I have that as a reference as well.

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    The two best regarded texts are Proakis and Messerschmitt. Personally, I think Proakis is a much easier read, with much better organization and much clearer presentation. Both are the some of the most mathematically rigorous texts available. I would recommend Proakis.

    - Warren
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    Proakis THE text

    This is our primary text for an intro grad text. I'm through the first few chapters and I'd agree very readable with decent mathematical rigor. However the book is intended as an intro grad level text with an assumption of previous exposure to, and sufficient understanding of, probability and stochastic processes.

    If you need background there, Papoulis' Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processors 4e is strongly recommended ( if you're truly after the mathematical rigor that lies behind RVs and stochasitc processes this is the book for you, however the tradeoff is a text that isn't necessarily reader friendly to someone new with limited knowledge in this area). There is a book by Leon-Garcia on this subject that offers good coverage of RVs/SPs and is generally easier to digest.

    Good luck with your studies.
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