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Dihydrogen Monoxide, the cause of all the world's problems

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    It's really frightening what this dihydrogen monoxide can do. I've heard that without it, none of the current viruses or bacteria that are currently around could survive. It's apparently used widely with no regulation at all, and is found almost everywhere on earth, from the polar ice-caps to the bottom of the ocean, to your own back yard! It also contributes to errosion of soil, enables acid rain, can cause massive property damage, and every living organism on the whole planet has been exposed to it.

    It's really horrifying to know our government isn't paying any regard to this at all...
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    wasteof2, thank you for bringing the dangers of this horrible substance to the readers of PF. I personally have recently been a victim of a large amount of dihydrogen monoxide coming through my septic tank and the full damage has yet to be assessed.
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    NO!!!! I've been consuming this product for practically all my life. I feel so ashamed, at times when I've played sports, I've taken large doses of the dreaded Dihydrogen monoxide. To think I've been fooled all these years. I'm sorry Mama, your boy is an addict.
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    Speaking of which, http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,114168,00.html

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    I say we should all switch to Carbon Monoxide. It's still a monoxide and it has carbon which we all know it's the base element of life.
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    Even better would be propanone. It has both carbon and oxygen. Carbon is the base element of life and everybody knows we need oxygen.
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    I read this last night and tried it out on my Science Teacher. And it worked!

    Well, she did figure out the joke after around a minute...
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    Uht oh... I think I may have a large amount of Dihydrogen Monoxide in my body. :frown: Bad news for me, considering that a considerable amount of dihydrogen monoxide resides near my house.
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    A friend pulled this joke on me:
    It's tasteless, colorless, odorless, fatal if inhaled, and water soluble. It's dihydrogen monoxide!
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