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Dino-might exhibit of Chinese fossils at OMSI

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    We went to see the exhibit of Chinese fossils at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) this last weekend, and I thought I'd share some photos. along with the fossils, they had some animatronic versions.

    http://home.earthlink.net/~jparvey/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/dino1.jpg [Broken]

    http://home.earthlink.net/~jparvey/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/dino3.jpg [Broken]

    No, not a T-rex but a Tarbosaurus:

    http://home.earthlink.net/~jparvey/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/dino2.jpg [Broken]
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Cool. Hmmmm, we haven't been to OMSI for quite a long time.
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    You know, they have a T-rex head downtown in DC. Its nothing as big as Jurassic Park, what jip off! I want a mega T-rex with a head the size of a Jeep!

    Actually, I was surprised how small they are. However, its really cool thing to see though. You have to use your imagination and try to picture them with skin though.
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    Janus, your in Oregon too? I love OMSI, especially the labs they have, like the chemistry one. My little (turns 8 this year, so not so little any more) cousin is addicted. My aunt and uncle have to take him like once a month (they're only in Battleground, WA so...yeah)
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    Cool creatures. Wonder how many are still laying somewhere.
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    Well, I'm from the dinosaur capital of the known universe (southern Alberta), but I must admit that you have a mighty impressive display there.
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