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Disasters : quakes / tsunamis / State of mind

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    Wasn't really sure where to put this :

    I am trying to gather thoughts and peoples states of minds for a paper when facing extreme disasters and potentially devastating disasters. (It's not the happiest paper ever) - Not so much the first hand perspective, but along the lines of what the average casual person thinks about some of the scenarios / disasters that have happened recently or may happen in the future.

    I've read a lot of the articles from sites like Armageddon Online ( http://www.armageddononline.org/ ) and Exit Mundi ( http://www.xs4all.nl/~mke/exitmundi.htm ) - I was just trying to find a community where I could gather some INTELLIGENT opinions (hopefully without trolls) to use in my paper.

    Thank you much,
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    Well ask some questions and I'm sure you'll get some intelligent opinions.

    Maybe a few untintelligent opinions too, and probably some unintelligible ones, but sift the wheat from the chaff and you'll get there.
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