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Displacement word problem grade 11

  1. Aug 6, 2014 #1
    1. while driving a lady sees a cat run on the road and it takes her 0.80s to react and put her foot on the brake. her car is travelling 25 m/s. (a)how far will the car travel before she puts her foot on the brake and (b) if when the brake is applied the car decelerates at a uniform rate of 9.3 m/s^2, what is the total displacements in the car?

    i tried dividing .80s by 25 m/s for (a) but i don't know if its right. and i have no idea how to do the (b)
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    You take one step per second and you walk for 3 seconds how many steps do you take?

    The lady is traveling at 25 meters/second and travels for 0.8 of a second before hitting the brake and how many meters does she travel?

    for part b, show us what formulas you know that might apply to the problem and think I have time, speed and acceleration and want distance...
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    So I would multiply .80*25 which is 20m
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    Yes and you can check via units of measure m/s *s is meters.
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