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Displaying a picture in a dialog box

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    Hi everyone. I want to display a picture (a jpeg if that make any difference) inside a dialog box, how do I do it?
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    What's the context--is this a website? What programming language?
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    Is it an online journal? It would depend on what has been disabled. You can try <img src="http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"border=0> [Broken] to upload a picture that is hosted on a website.
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    Sorry about the lack of information. I'm writing in C++, and want to make a tetris game. It's going ok, I just wanted to add a few pictures that's all.
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    <img src="http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.extension" [Broken] border="0" alt="alt_text_here" />


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    Yeah, I turn red at the xxx stuff. I can't begin to imagine the material Evo is recommending.
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    The C++ language does not have standard functions for graphics. You have to use libraries that depend on which operating system you're using (MacOS? Unix/Linux? Or, er, uh, um, that thing Bill Gates sells? :wink: ), and possibly on which compiler or programming environment you're using.
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    ok, sorry, for the delay in replying. Anyway, the OS is windows, the IDE that I am using is Dev-C++ (and am using the default compiler provided with the download). I will be using the functions that are provided in the windows header file(s). I hope someone can help.
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    If you are just starting with windows programming, then using the Win32 API (i.e. the functions provided with the windows header files) might be a tad too difficult. You could do a quick google search on LibSDL or even Allegro as they will simplify your programming by a great deal.

    If you do need to use the windows API, I suggest you go to the MSDN website and do a quick search on Bitmaps and Device Contexts. Also a good site to visit is: http://www.winprog.org/tutorial/ and follow the tutorials they have there.

    Hope it helps.
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