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(distance)(speed of light)^2 = speed of time with units

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    Sorry, I think I made a thread in the wrong section before. I was wondering if anyone thought time could have a speed? If so, what would be its dimensions?

    I encountered someone who claimed that
    (distance)(speed of light)^2 = speed of time
    with units, that would be m^3/s^2 = speed of time

    is this possible? or is this some retarded proposal? Opinions?
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    the way i see it speed is defined as the distance covered divided by the time taken.
    therefore speed is defined BY time:
    to define time by it speed would/could create a circular reference.
    [what is a fork? a fork is what goes with a knife. ok, so what is a knife then? a knife is what goes with a fork. we're not much further in finding out what a fork is!]
    i have wondered before if time was continuous or discreet, i.e. does the universe have a refresh rate of sorts. in my bit of digging i came across a concept of "plank time" i cant tell you anything about it though! but i thought you may be interested.
    just my two €cents
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    Re: speed

    Do you mean really "speed" or do you mean "rate"?

    If you mean "speed", then no. Speed is displacement over time. Time cannot be described in this way. I cannot tell where the guy got
    the equation "(distance)(speed of light)^2 = speed of time". What does he mean by "distance" and why "[tex]C^{2}[/tex]"? but just to put a nail in that coffin:

    (distance)(speed of light)^2 = speed of time
    (meters)(C meters per second)[tex]^{2}[/tex]=(meters per second)
    the units are
    [tex]\frac{m^{3}}{s^{2}} = \frac{m}{s}[/tex]

    As you can see, that's not true. So, you can toss it out right there.

    If you mean "rate", then yes. Time does have a rate. It is roughly 1 second per second.

    If you mean something other than "speed" or "rate", you should clarify the OP. Maybe that means finding that guy again...
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