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Divergence of mass current density

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    i thought a while about the meaning of the following expression

    [tex]\delta t \, \cdot \, \mathrm{div} \, \vec j_m(\vec r,t) \qquad \mathrm{with} \qquad \vec j_m(\vec r,t) = \rho_m(\vec r,t) \cdot \vec v(\vec r, t)[/tex]​

    Does it indicates the mass, which is produced / annihilated in the Volume [tex]\mathrm{d}V[/tex] located around the position vector [tex]\vec r[/tex] in the short time interval [tex]\delta t[/tex]!?

    I'm pretty sure that it was something like this but not entirely.

    So, thanks for your effort and with best regards...
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