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Diverse Interests Degree Trouble

  1. Sep 10, 2013 #1
    Have to declare my major this year and I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    I was previously a physics major, but decided to change tracks due to my stronger interest in chemistry, biology, and engineering. My current plans are to try to go to medical school and get into academic medicine. I have very strong interests in biological chemistry, materials chemistry, nanoscience, tissue engineering, genetic engineering, and neurobiology. I understand this is a wide array of topics which are by no means shallow in material and research, but I am trying to encompass these interest as best as possible into my field of study.

    These are the degrees I am presently considering,

    Chemistry - I fear the job market if I decide against medical school, though.
    Biological Engineering - I don't know that it would encompass the level of chemistry I would really like.
    Biochemical Engineering - I have been told this degree is designed specifically for an industrial or process engineering type career which is not the R&D type focus I desire.

    I would really love some insight as to these degrees and any others, or simply some perspective on the fields I am interested in.

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    Biochemistry and Microbiology might be good choices. Either would allow for some academic research opportunities, and job positions are often advertised for people with knowledge and skills in those sciences.
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