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Do the EE electives I take in my last year matter?

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    In my last year of electrical engineering, I will have the freedom and option of taking 5-6 courses from this long exhaustive list of electives:
    http://www.ece.ubc.ca/sites/default/files/ElectricalEngineering Electives 2011.pdf"

    My question is, do the courses I take, specifically those electives, matter to employers? Are they more inclined to hire a student who has taken industry-relevant courses? Should I take just for exposure to different fields or should I concentrate in an area I like? I am still fairly elementary in my undergrad engineering career (just finished 2nd year) so I would like some guidance.
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    Yes, I would look at your electives, if you pointed them out to me as being relevant to the job position that you were applying for. Especially lab classes where you get practical experience building/testing things that are relevant to the position.
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