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Does every light ray travels in all directions?

  1. Sep 7, 2013 #1
    Hi. I hope this is the right place to ask this and I hope it's not that much stupid.

    In school we have been told that the reason we see objects is rays of light reflected from that object received by our eyes. Now if I look at a specific part of a building from above, below or exactly the front, I am still able to see a target point in that building. Does this mean that from every pixel(I mean smallest possible visible part) of the building light is reflected to every possible direction so no matter where I'm standing (Up until I am in direct path of rays) I can still see that part?

    If so, how come these rays don't collide?!

    I am not a physics student, just curious, so I hope this question is not too boring. Link to a fool-proof article would be helpful too! :-p

    Thanks a million in advanced.
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    Yes. In normal lighting there are huge numbers of photons reflecting off the building and travelling in a huge number of directions, so no matter where you are standing, many of them make it to your eyes.

    Light does not interact with itself, so light rays (photons) pass through each other without colliding.
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    WOW! Amazing!
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    You're welcome. Don't hesitate to use the "Thanks" button! :)
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    It worked this time I guess.
    Thanks website owners!!

    I tried. It says I have 0 Thank points!

    I mean come on website owners! I just want to thank this kind guy who helped me finally sleep relaxed tonight without a puzzle in my mind! :-D
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    You don't get points for giving thanks. You get points for receiving them. :wink:
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