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Does order increase or decrease?

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    as we move forth in time, does the universe become more or less complex? is this related to the theory of thermodynamics? I just need a brief explanation I'm a bit confused.
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    hi phy_freak!:smile:

    i suppose you're thinking that, going forward in time, galaxies are created, stars are created, planets are created, and so on …

    which looks like more complexity (less disorder), doesn't it?

    but it's like a magician distracting you…

    you're so busy loooking at the pretty stuff that you don't notice that everything else is getting more disordered much faster! :biggrin:
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    Just think on a small scale about what happens if you drop a glass full of water onto the floor - it sure doesn't get more organized and you'll find that every time you add order to something you've taken it away from something else in the process.
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