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A decrease in knitting is a reduction in the number of stitches, usually accomplished by suspending the stitch to be decreased from another existing stitch or by knitting it together with another stitch.

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  1. Mohmmad Maaitah

    How to find intervals where this function is decreasing and increasing?

    Please walk me step by step on how to do it (we don't have imaginary numbers so don't bring that up) Also how to put signs on the numbers line when I get minus in the root? (non solveable equation) Sorry for my English.
  2. casparov

    I Physics of paper absorbing Water -- Doesn't this decrease Entropy?

    Summary: doesn't this decrease entropy ? Cellulose is known for its hydrophilic quality, which can be explained from the polarity of its hydroxyl groups. We all know water can overcome the force of gravity through a piece of paper you put in the water. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a...
  3. freelooooo

    How does Cmax decrease over time in human body? Use half life?

    I'm interested in chemistry but it's all new for me and I'm just starting out. I tried to do some calculations but got stuck... I was wondering, for example a supplement has the following values: Molar mass: 306.247 g mol-1 Tmax 2-4 hours Cmax 363.3 ng / ml Half life: 11.21 hours How do...
  4. S

    I Ceiling fan pressure increase or decrease

    Would air pressure increase or decrease due to a ceiling fan in a room?
  5. S

    MHB Decrease in Potential Energy of a Sliding Tile

    A tile of mass 1.2 kg slides 3m down a roof that makes an angle of 35 degree to the horizontal. Find the decrease in potential energy. Iam getting the ans 24.8J PE = mgh= 1.2× 12 sin 35 ×3 The ans in the textbook is 20.6J
  6. A

    I Atomic Structure: Why Does Energy Decrease with Orbit Number?

    I have read that an electron requires certain minimum energy of threshold frequency to move an orbit However the energy needed decreases with increase in shell number The transition energy is reduced with each orbit For example The energy to shift an electron from 1st to 2nd orbit is much...
  7. J

    Dampening force - find decrease in amplitude

    So first I tried to find b. 0.454=(0.6)e^((-b/(2*11.6)*50) Anyways with some natural log algebra etc. I get b = 0.129378 But when I plug this into the same equation only changing mass to 17.7 kg I get 0.4998 or 50% when the answer should be 59.6%?
  8. J

    Damped Oscillation Amplitude Decrease vs. Mass Relationship

    so what I did was e^-(1/10.1)=0.9057 and e^-(1/14.8)=0.93466 Then 0.93466/0.9057 = 1.03198, so the heavier mass dampens 1.03 times more than the lighter mass. If the lighter mass decreases the oscillation to 72.1%, then the heavier mass would be 72.1%*1.03198 = 74.4, but this is wrong. It...
  9. E

    I What happens if you increase μ0 and decrease ϵ0? Or vice versa

    I have been thinking about the physical significance of Planck's constant. The effect of increasing Planck's constant on blackbody radiation is the red line below. Y-axis is frequency Apparently if Planck's constant were infinite then there would be no blackbody radiation. But we know that...
  10. M

    LaTeX How to decrease spacing before single space environment in LaTeX?

    Hi, Question: How can I remove the extra spacing above the single-space equation environment. I have wrapped the equations in a single-space environment as the document has to be double spaced (and I wanted to save as much space as possible) From reading online, I have the following code at...
  11. C

    Decrease of Solar radius per year using Virial Theorem

    Hello, I am trying to solve this question: Assume that the Sun's energy production doesn't happen by fusion processes, but is caused by a slow compression and that the radiated energy can be described by the Virial Theorem: $$L_G = - \frac{1}{2} \frac{GM^2}{R^2} \frac{dR}{dt} $$ How much must...
  12. G

    B Does Gravity decrease at a steady rate as we go away from the Earth?

    I have several questions related to gravity. I first need to know if gravity decreases at a steady rate for very 1 mile higher up we go?
  13. person123

    Does Sample Strain Decrease At Failure?

    My guess is that the deformation immediately before would be the sum of elastic and plastic deformation, and the deformation after would be just the plastic deformation, and it therefore would decrease. Is this correct?
  14. S

    Probability of a fluctuation/entropy decrease

    Suppose we have a gas in the room at some temperature which is room temperature or higher. In some references the probability is given by -ΔS, which is indeed a tiny number and makes sense. However, in other references the probability is given by the Boltzmann factor plus the number of...
  15. leviterande

    Do surfaces ahead of propellers decrease thrust?

    Hi! I have had this question for ages, nearly impossible to find anything on the web. My experiments confused me even further! Its concerning the blockage effects of surfaces ahead of a propeller. For example let's consider the usual dual vectoring propellers on the sides of airshipcars like...
  16. AttoBlaze

    If pressure decreases, does temperature then decrease?

    So, quick disclaimer: i am very young. only 12. i might also misspell some thing or not translate it correctly. i just like physics, so don't expect much. So, i was reading in my science textbook (as a hobby) and it asked to describe some examples, in which i should find out wether the work on...
  17. wasmaro

    How much mass is released to decrease the pressure

    My best estimate was to find the water height and assume it remains constant when venting the air. I know the initial weights of vapor and liquid ( I know the total mass of substance inside the vessel), so I find the new density of water and vapor and calculate the "new" mass and take the...
  18. wasmaro

    [Thermodynamics] How much mass is extracted to decrease pressure

    I have a feeling some integration will be required, I just want to see if anyone know of a quick way.
  19. F

    Medical Why some ways of increasing pulse increase BP and other ways decrease BP?

    I have high blood pressure. My physician told me that any exercise that increases my heart rate will decrease my blood pressure. When I get angry, my heart rate increases. If increasing one's heart rate by exercise will decrease my blood pressure, it seems logical for me to think that when...
  20. OmerKocak

    I In NMR, Why does longitudinal magnetization decrease when....

    *** Answered off site. No need for further explanation. *** I am trying to understand MR Imaging physics. In NMR, when you put some energy in a system with a static longitudinal net magnetization, you create a transverse component and the longitudinal component decreases (in other words, net...
  21. J

    Why Does Acceleration Decrease When Velocity Increases in SHM?

    When a mass is in SHM, and is moving towards equilibrium point, its velocity starts to increase but why does acceleration decreases? What is the gradient when velocity is increasing and when it is at maximum? Thanks a lot!
  22. Jalo

    I Photodiode bandwidth: why does power decrease with frequency

    Hi, I'm studying p-i-n photodiode (PD) at the moment and understand that the photodiode's response will depend on the frequency of the light signal going into it. I am struggling however to understand the concept of bandwidth, and why is it that the photocurrent at the PD decreases with higher...
  23. S

    Why does reduced diameter decrease flow?

    Textbooks say it decreases flow. But, when I think about it... If you blow through a small straw, you are blowing out less volume. But wouldn't the speed of flow be higher, therefore making up for the decrease in volume? Like this: Lower volume squeezed out faster = higher volume squeezed out...
  24. J

    MHB Increase and decrease functions

    Hello I have tried to resolve an exercise which is asking how the graph is modified according to the variables into the function. I would appreciate any help since accordin to my udnerstanding the function should increase Please, follow below: Suppose y0 is the y-coordinate of the point of...
  25. C

    I Does strong force increase or decrease with aligned spins?

    The deuterium exists only with the proton and neutron of aligned spin, which suggests that the residual strong force is greated with aligned spins, i.e. the binding energy is greater if the spins are aligned. On the other hand the mass of ##\Delta^{+}## is greater than the mass of proton ##p##...
  26. T

    Why doesn't the temperature of water slightly decrease during boiling?

    When you heat a pot of water why wouldn't the water temp decrease slightly when it starts boiling? Isnt boiling a type of evaporation? In evaporation the molecules near surface have enough KE to escape into the gas phase, which then lowers the T of the remaining liquid. That is how sweating...
  27. C

    Predicting a decrease in fringe distance (equations)

    Homework Statement a) Imagine that you are conducting an activity with a laser to create an interference pattern. Use the appropriate equations to predict two ways (other than the way described in the following example) to change the interference pattern in order to have closer fringes...
  28. D

    SHM and why does the frequency not decrease?

    Hello, I don't get it why does the frequency not decrease? As this i assume is damping and frequency must change. And why do only positive peaks decrease?2 Not sure about equations needed. 3.I thought that as it is damped, Energy is lost as heat. Thus speed decreases, therefore, it takes a...
  29. J

    Does the current increase or decrease through the resistor ?

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution This looks to be a simple problem but the answer key has left me wondering whether I am thinking correctly . I get option 1) whereas answer key states option 3) . Since the variable resistance R increases , the resistance...
  30. T

    At supersonic speed, why does Mach number decrease?

    At supersonic speed, air become compressible. However why does Mach number decrease when flow area decrease? I understand that pressure will increase because the density will increase when flow area decrease. However shouldn't the Mach number increase in order to conserve mass flow? Unless the...
  31. wolram

    Is Solar Activity Decreasing and Causing Colder Winters in Britain?

    I found this on the net https://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/586404/Britain-freezing-winters-slump-solar-activity It states that solar activity will fall in the next few decades and Britain will get colder, Do you think this is true?
  32. C

    Does charging metal negatively decrease the work function?

    Since positive charge on the photocatode increases work function of electrons, does charging metal photocatode negatively decrease work function? If not, why?
  33. Souhardya Nandi

    I Will the acceleration of the expansion of universe ever decrease?

    This may sound like a noob question but please help me out guys.Will universal acceleration ever retard ? And if it continues to accelerate for all eternity, where is it getting this never ending energy from ?
  34. D

    Finding the decrease in potential energy of atwood machine

    Homework Statement In the system below, m1<m2. When the object of mass m2 has descended a distance h, the potential energy of the system has decreased by: Homework Equations the answer is (m2-m1)gh The Attempt at a Solution I used ΔU= Uf-Ui m1gh-m2gh=ΔU (I think that the decrease in...
  35. C

    I Does moisture escaping from powders decrease chamber vacuum?

    I'm drying some wet powders using vacuum oven and start seeing some condensation on the window after few minutes. The vacuum level stays pretty constant which puzzles me as i thought that the moisture escapes from the powder into the air will increase the chamber pressure or decrease the vacuum...
  36. J

    Decreasing b when a increases by 10%

    Homework Statement a and B are two variables such that their product ab = constant .If a increases by 10%, by how much does b decrease ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] ab = constant If a changes to 11a/10 , then b has to change to 10b/11. % Change in b is = (b - 10b/11)/b...
  37. H

    How Does Entropy Change Affect Heat Transfer in a Cooling Rock?

    Homework Statement A hot rock ejected from a volcano's lava fountain cools from 1100º C to 40.0º C and its entropy decreases by 950 J/K. How much heat transfer occurs from the rock? (Source: OpenStax "College Physics for AP Students", Chapter 15.6) Homework Equations I used the equation ΔSh +...
  38. R

    How can thermal fluctuations decrease entropy?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_of_an_expanding_universe "Over an infinite time there could be a spontaneous entropy decrease, by a Poincaré recurrence or through thermal fluctuations (see also fluctuation theorem)"
  39. Steven Hansel

    Why does the gravitational force decrease below the Earth's surface?

    Homework Statement Why does gravity force decreases below Earth's surface? Homework Equations F = G (m1 m2)/r^2 F = force of gravity G = Universal gravity constant m1 and m2 = mass of the objects r = distance between two objects g = GM/r^2 g = gravity of the object G = universal gravity...
  40. B

    Does strain rate ever decrease yield stress?

    I've been digging through literature the last few days, and I'm starting to wonder if increasing strain rate EVER decreases yield stress? I found anomalies which increase it with increasing temperature. But I cant' find the reverse, so I was wondering if it was possible?
  41. A

    Energy needed to decrease or increase entropy?

    is incresing the entropy of low entropy system easier than trying to increase the entropy of a high entropy system? or is it vice versa? let's say it requires x amount of energy to increase a low entropy system, now will increasing an already high entropy system require 2x amount of energy or...
  42. Ilguercino

    Does gravity tend to decrease the entropy?

    Gravity tends to make ordered structures of free particles. Does this mean that gravity is decreasing the entropy of these particles, or is there some compensating mechanisms in order to let the entropy increase (for example the emergence of gravity waves, though I doubt that's enough to compensate.
  43. H

    Faster velocity of water in tunnel Decrease in pressure?

    In bernoulli's equation: when water is moving at a faster velocity, why is pressure decreased? I searched the forum and someone said that there is less water touching the surface? I do not conceptually see this. I understand for the lift factor with the example of blowing air over the...
  44. H

    Why would a parallel circuit (or in blood) decrease resistance

    Hi PhysicsForums, Why would a parallel circuit(or in blood) decrease resistance? Here is my thought experiment and where I got stuck: Say from aorta to one arteriole, the resistance is super high on that flow(this big amount of flow is entering a tinier area), but add more arterioles and we...
  45. T

    B Forward Bias: Why does width of depletion layer decrease?

    The depletion layer is formed by the movement of electrons from the n to p side and holes from p to n side of the diode. The layer consists of positively charged donor ions close to the n side and negatively charged acceptor ions close to the p side. When in equilibrium,the barrier potential...
  46. R

    Why is vaporisation rate increased by a decrease in pressure

    In my textbook, it says that the rate of vaporisation can be increased by (a) increasing the temperature or (b) reducing the pressure. I understand why an increase in temp can lead to more molecules breaking away from the liquid and entering the vapor state. More temp = more energy = more...
  47. Kara386

    I Why does LED band gap decrease as temperature increases?

    I've tried to summarise the explanation my professor gave. Is it correct or have I misunderstood? It's a highly simplified view of things anyway, but here goes: Taking the simplest 1D case, there are two possibiities for an electron in the lattice: it may be scattered and move back the way it...