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Does the direction of winding affect the induced emf in a an inductor coil?

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    What if the inductor coil is wound one way rather than the other. Then the circular flow of current will be clockwise in one case and anticlockwise in the other.

    And if the inductor is connected to an ac source, then the current will vary.

    Now in both the orientations, the variation in the current will give rise to magnetic field inside the coil.

    But wouldn't the direction of mag. field be different (and opposite to each other) in the two different cases of winding the coil one way or the other?

    Wouldn't that then result in the induced emf having different and opposite polarities in these two cases?
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    Well it does matter, that is why you see a dot in circuits near inductor.


    But in AC in my opinion, it doesn't matter. Because current is changing direction anyway. But yes you would end up with different direction of magnetic fields, in one half-cycle(if you change the winding settings.)
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